Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles

Lemon Mint Leaf
The scent of this is quite zingy, it is nice but not my favourite smell.
It also isn't as strong as some of the other refreshing scents they do like the 'Fresh Bamboo'.

Paris Amour
I had bought this for my sister in law when me and hubsy went to Dubai last year.  After smelling it in her room I thought I would get it myself this time round, however I really didn't like the smell.
It smelt of sour milk with a bit of perfume :/

Ahh, this doesn't smell like strong coffee as much as I thought it would!
I was a little disappointed, however the scent has grown on me.
It smells more of mocha with a stronger scent of chocolate than coffee, the smell is super strong.
My mother in law walked into our home one day when I had it burning in my bedroom and she thought I had been baking!

I'm really gutted that we don't have Bath & Body Works in the UK, why hasn't it come here yet!?
My hubsy had a connecting flight in Dubai a few weeks back which is how I managed to get a hold of these.  
InshaaAllah if we get to go on holiday there again, I have my eye on a few more that I would like to get inc;

Do you know of any other candles that you could recommend that are available in the UK?

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  1. Bath&Body Works candles look incredible, wish we had one in the UK! x