Naked Shades . Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

I thought I would give you a glimpse into my make up collection starting off with my favourite eye shadow palettes.

Back when I was at college I use to own all the Urban Decay palettes that came out. I use to wear the bright colours all the time and loved the shimmery shades. How times have changed and all I pretty much wear are neutral shades and prefer matt ones.
I do use colour every now and then when I am wearing desi outfits but it is mostly deep shades such as navy/purples.
I still have my Urban Decay palettes hidden away some where for sentiment, but these are definitely the ones that I would recommend.

Naked Eye / Too Faced
This is what I use when I want a grey smokey eye, whether it be dramatic or simple.

My most used out of the shades:

'Like a Virgin'
Matte pale grey.
For subtle smokey looks or worn on its own all over the lid with winged liner.

Gunmetal grey with shimmer
When doing a dramatic smokey eye to add some dimension.
(I also use Lap Dance (taupe with shimmer) to add dimension, but that would be for a warmer smokey eye.)

I love the looks I have created with this palette. I prefer the shimmery shadows in this palette compared to the Urban Decay ones, I find they have less fall out and the shimmer isn't as glittery.

Natural Eye / Too Faced
If I had to choose one palette out of all of these, this would be the one. You can probably tell because I have hit pan in this palette!

Vanilla Matte
 For the days I want to do a winged liner but brighten my lids, I use this all over the lid and brow bone.  But I also use this when I want to highlight my brow bone for the day time.

'Velvet Revolver'
Warm Nude Matte
For daytime make up to add into the crease or all over the lid.

'Cocoa Puff'
Warm Chocolate Brown with Fine Gold Shimmer
I use this every brown smokey eye I do without fail, the gold shimmer adds a little extra to the look.

 Dark Brown Matte
I use this for brown smokey eyes or when tight-lining near my eye lashes and blending it out slightly to make my lashes look fuller without using eyeliner.

Shades I like using but not as often:

'Silk Teddy'
Shimmery Champagne Highlight
I use to use with my evening smokey eyes on the brow bone before I bought my cream highlighter by Mac called 'Hush'.

'Honey Pot'
Shimmery Gold
I use a little of this when I have an outfit that has gold embroidery but I am doing a brown smokey eye.

This was one of the first nude palettes I ever bought and I would recommend this for beginners as it has a little of everything; from every day shades to full on dramatic shades.

Naked Basics / Urban Decay
I have become really lazy with my make up lately and this is the palette I have used constantly since I have owned it. They are all matte shades which are perfect for every day.
There is a semi matte highlight shade 'venus' which has a touch of satin.

Yellow Toned Ivory Matte
An all over eye colour that I use when I want to do a simple winged eyeliner look.
I have a darker eye area which is why I use shades to brighten the area.

'Walk Of Shame'
Pale Warm Cream Matte
I use this all over the lid and add the next shade (Naked 2) in the crease.

'Naked 2'
Warm Grey Nude Matte
I use this as a crease colour for subtle days when I want a little something extra.
However I have used this all over the lid too, with 'Faint' on the outer corners and crease.

Light Brown Matte
This shade is super pigmented, I have to remind myself to be gentle with this when I use this in the day time as it is deeper than it seems (to me anyway ^_^ ).
It can be applied lightly to add a little definition but is also buildable depending on how heavy handedly you use it.  That being said it blends really well.

I feel everyone should own this palette, it is definitely a must have.
Perfect to buy as a beginner or a person that like the 'no make up' make up look.

Naked Palette / Urban Decay
After owning the crazy colour palettes that Urban Decay were known for, I wanted this to add to my collection.  I love the tones in this palette and at the time I obsessed over it.
I am not that into shimmery/satin shades as much as I use to be so this doesn't get as much use as it did back then. However this comes out when there is an occasion/evening out where I choose to do my go to dramatic smokey brown eyes.

Ivory Nude Satin
This and 'Sin' are the highlight shades I tend to use lightly on my brow bone and also the inner corners of my eyes when doing a dramatic black smokey eye. 

Nude Matte
This is similar to 'Velvet Revolver' from Too Faced but it is a little deeper.
I use this in the crease or all over the lid.

Warm Brown Matte
I use this when doing a warm smokey eye to blend out of a darker shade.

Mocha Brown Shimmer
I use this as the darkest shade for deep smokey eyes when I don't want a hint of gold (which is what I use Cocoa Puff for).

If you can get a hold of this then I would say it is worth it.
If you like dramatic brown eyes then this has a lot of shades you can play with.

Naked 2 Palette / Urban Decay
My least used out of all these palettes but I still do love it.
I think the shimmer puts me off using this palette as much but it is out whenever I am looking to do a dramatic look. (Which is generally wedding season!)

Yellow Toned Ivory Matte
Same shade as is in the Naked Basics Palette

Creamy Grey Brown Matte
A unique brown amidst all the similar ones I own, I use this all over my lid.

Deep Brown Shimmer
The darker shade when I am doing a cool toned smokey brown eye.

I wouldn't say you would need this palette in your life if you owned other neutral shaded ones.
I personally love having the variety of brown/neutral shades to play with when creating a look.
Oh, and it looks pretty next to my other Naked palette :P (I just need no. 3 now!)

I hope you found this post useful.
Let me know of your favourites and/or if there are any that you would recommend me buying!?


  1. I've been trying to comment on this for ages now! and couldn't figuring out how to comment on blogger through my wordpress, finally figured it out!

    Never tried two faced products before, might just pop into boots and pick one up. Loved the review doll xx

    1. Aww you're so sweet for making the effort to try and reply! Comments are much appreciated :) Makes me know that people actually take the time to read my posts! ^_^
      They are really good hun, I think I tried my elder sisters one time (she lives in texas) when she came to visit and fell in love.
      Let me know how you find it if you do pick up anything!
      There is a matt palette by them that I have had my eye on for quite some time that I might pick up soon :) x
      Lots of <3 x