Aina H Dress Collection

I was lucky enough to be back from holiday to attend the collection preview by Aina.H.
It was a lovely intimate evening full of nibbles and flowing fabrics.

Aina talked us through her exclusively designed pieces, as the models showcased her lovely work.

She explained how she found it difficult to find dresses in the western stores that were modest enough to her liking.
She decided to design her own dress for a wedding she attended, where she had a lot of people show interest in her outfit.  This lead to her to create this collection.

All her outfits are exclusive one offs, ensuring that no one will have the exact same Aina H dress.
She provides one on one consultations, allowing you to work with her for your perfect style and fit.

I loved the combination of western dress cuts with luxurious eastern fabrics and embellishments.
I honestly was in awe of  how her dresses flowed, something I find traditional south asian tailors never get right no matter how much you try and explain.

The way I choose to dress has changed a lot since I have started this blog.
I now prefer the longer, looser and flowy style outfits. 

When it comes to dressing up in South Asian wear I cannot bring myself to wear short kameez's and shalwar/churidaar.
And even though most of the time I wear dresses, I find it so hard to find long sleeved dresses or dresses that I do not need to wear anything underneath or on top of because of the sheer fabric.

Now that I have the option of getting a dress made and designed to my liking at a decent price, I am really looking forward to when I need a new dress!

I have taken a few pictures of the outfits from the night, however these are not all of them.
InshaaAllah she will be posting pictures of her dresses on her facebook page so be sure to like!

Pink & Black Umbrella Skirt Dress

Turquoise Silk Dress

Black Lace and Gold Fishtail Dress

Electric Blue & Hot Pink Dress

Plum & Black Sequinned Dress

Muted Grey Grecian Dress with Lace Bodice

Turquoise Bordered Purple Dress

Black & Red Drop Waist Dress

Black Velvet & Contrast Silk Dress

Royal Blue Velvet Dress

I am in love with the last two dresses!
They were my favourites from the collection, any guesses why I loved them?

My next post InshaaAllah will be my outfit from the night, featuring one of the abayas I bought in Dubai!

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. I love the dress the designer is wearing herself!

    1. It is lovely isn't it!
      MashaaAllah she looked so effortlessly stunning in it!