Body Scrubs & Other Stories

& O t h e r   S t o r i e s   B o d y   S c r u b s

Hubby treated my to my favourite body scrubs ever!
I honestly cannot live without body scrubs from & other stories. I went a couple of months without and my legs suffered! They are amazing at exfoliating, leaving your skin silky and not too greasy like my Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' use to.
I decided to buy a few in one go as the price for postage is ridiculously high. 
They need to open a store in Manchester!
I decided on three new scents to try out and one that was the first one that I ever tried (Shinjuku Bloom).
If you would like in depth descriptions of the scents then click on the name links which will lead you to the direct pages on their website.

Lightly musky and fresh scent

I'm using this at the moment and it smells divine!
In love with the musk in this scent, I find it soothing.

This reminds me of a fruity sweet but I can't pin point which one exactly.

It is my least favourite out of all the scents I have tried. The sweet smell is a little overpowering for my liking.

Fruity and floral with a hint of vanilla.

This is a nice feminine but with an edge scent. 
I haven't used it in the shower yet but I think it will be a favourite.

Fresh floral scent and for some reason I smell fruity sherbet haha.

My most loved of them all.
This was the first scrub I bought from & other stories, I had popped to the store in London and fell in love with the scent.
I didn't buy this the last time I purchased my scrubs as I thought it would be nice to try some different ones out. I have liked all of the  scents I have tried out so far (aside from the couture carnival) but this one is hands down the best.

You get to choose a free sample with your order and I tend to pick scents I haven't tried before. 
It is a good way to see if it is worth buying in scrub form the next time I order.


  1. Omy days can I just say I popped into this store yesterday, and I have now fallen in love it. I was in Oxford street and I came across the store, I thought, hold on a minute isn't this the store Maria was talking about, I have to check it out. The layout of the store is enticing, the place looks like a giant mood board. I didn't buy anything, as I wasn't planning to go shopping that day. But I did smell one of the body scrubs, is was divine {can't remember the name}. Next time I go there I think I will buy a body scrub. I now have my eye on the total tint stick { highlighter} and a silk blend dress >>

    1. Having a comment from you on my blog always makes me smile!
      It is amazing isn't it?! I wish I could pop there more often! In love with everything about it. It was at the top of my list of places to go to when we went to London last year. Hoping to InshaaAllah go again soon!
      I definitely recommend you buying a scrub, it will change your life! Shower time is so much more luxurious with them!
      Oooh you shouldn't have mentioned the highlighter! I'm going to have to check it out lol.
      I just bought one from benefit when I went to Dubai, you will see it in an upcoming post InshaaAllah :)
      & that dress looks gorgeous MashaaAllah! It looks amazing to layer with!