Nubuck Vagabond Love


I have been on the hunt for the perfect boots that give me some height but are super comfy.
I fell in love with a pair of vagabond boots when I popped into Urban Outfitter a little while back.
However when it came to find them recently, they were out of stock in my size everywhere.
They were the 'Grace Zip Boot'.

Instead I opted for a similar style and look but without the zips.
They are a little pricey but I feel shoes are something that is worth spending a little extra on, I don't like to compromise on the quality. Especially ones that you are going to wear a lot.
I bought these just before I went on holiday, as I don't wear sandals I needed shoes that were comfy and went with my skirts.

The sole is super hard wearing and perfect for the rainy weather in Manchester.
I am so happy with them, I think I will be buying more Vagabonds in the near future ^_^

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