Bath & Body Works . Dubai Haul

B a t h  &  B o d y  W o r k s

A shop that was on top of my places to visit, in LOVE with their candles.

Sea Island Cotton
Fresh, clean scent which isn't too over powering.

 Mahogany Teakwood
Cosy scent that reminds me of mens fragrances which I love.

Eucalyptus Mint
The name is exactly what it smells like.
Zingy fresh scent.

Pocket Bac
I don't anti bacterial hand gel a lot but they are good to have in your handbag for the times you may need it.
They smelt so good and didn't have that horrible strong scent that they normally have.

Amber Blush Body Lotion
I'm not one for hand creams, I hate the residue on my hands if I use it throughout the day.
However I randomly tried this body lotion and fell in love with the scent.
I went back to go pick it up but got the travel size so I could use it as a hand cream and not a body lotion.

What are your favourites from Bath & Body Works?
I wish they would open a store in the UK!

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