Nars Contour Blush Collection / Want

Ivory /  Rose
Pink Beige / Deep Rose
Honey / Amber

I am yet to find the perfect shade for contouring.
(I did buy a Sephora matte bronzer which I am still trying out but haven't fallen in love with yet)

I came across these today and fell in love!
I love Nars products, I own two of their blushes and they are both buttery smooth with a lovely colour pay off.

At £30 they seem a decent price for a contour and highlight shade compact.

Do you have any contour favourites you could recommend me to try out?


  1. I'm still a novice when it comes to contouring, but I do have supercover's corrector wheel which contains cream correctors, a contouring and highlighting shade. I guess it depends on how well you blend too?
    I did recently purchase e.l.f's St Lucia contouring blush and bronzing cream duo. It does have mixed reviews and I still need to do get some swatches up and InshaAllah try it out after I've come back from hols!!

    1. I haven't heard of supercover before!
      I just looked up the product you mentioned and it looks lovely! Thanks!

      Do let me know about the elf one, I will keep an eye on your blog for when you do a post ^_^
      I had bought a sleek one a while back but reallyy hated it so ended up giving it away.

      Hope you're having a nice holiday! xx