BB Lips Beauty Balm / No7

B B   L I P S   B E A U T Y   B A L M   /   N o 7

 I bought this on a whim to make use out of my No7 Voucher that I had got from Boots (as per usual!)
I normally just stock up on my favourite pink lip liner but I thought I would opt for something that may benefit my lips as they have been super dry lately.
I am really glad I got this, it is super nourishing on the lips and gives a lovely shine without the stickyness of a gloss with the added benefit of UV protection.

Simple squeezy tube with moulded angled plastic applicator.

In the BB Lips range there are six shades to choose from, a good variety having something to suit everyone.
I personally love dusky pink lips so I opted for 'Ballerina'.
They only give a slight hint of colour which would be good for those of you who want to experiment with different shades but aren't ready for a bold lip.
I have always wanted a peachy coral shade but I have never found one that has suited my skin tone so it might be worth trying the 'Blush Coral' shade for summer.

I have reached for this many times when the colour that I have been wearing through the day has worn off and I need a 'pick me up' for my lips.

Have you tried any of the shades in this range?


  1. Love this look! I really want to get some nude shades.

    1. Thank you Humaira!
      I'm thinking of doing my nude lip collection soon InshaaAllah, you might come across something you fancy in that post. x
      This shade is actually in between a dusky rose and a nude, I am sure it is the most nude shade they had x

  2. Love your makeup, mashaAllah! What foundation are you wearing please? Please do an everyday make up blog, would love it :)

    1. Thank you hun!
      Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Barcelona.
      Oooh I will definitely put that on my blog 'to-do' list InshaaAllah! x