BurgerFuel / Dubai Food

My first time having a BurgerFuel Burger!
We haS left it up to my hubby's friend to recommend our place to eat on this particular day.
I think this particular BurgerFuel was on Jumeriah Beach Road.
I'm not a huge burger lover but what I had was really nice!

Flame Thrower
Char-Grilled chicken breast, sliced jalapeno peppers, fresh avocado, salad, relish and fresh natural bf aioli.
(I asked them to not put in any tomatoes)

The best bit of this burger was the combination of the avocado and jalapenos with chicken!
However the chicken wasn't really as tasty as I had imagined, I don't know if it was undercooked but it looked pinky and kind of chewy?
Maybe next time I will ask them to cook it for longer.
But I would definitely have this again and would recommend it!
They have a lot of different burgers but I tried to pick the less greasiest option haha.

Oh lets not forget about this amazing contraption!
The most annoying thing when you are eating a burger is when it all falls apart and drips out from underneath as you are taking a bite!
(I normally like cutting mine in half)

This is what you call a 'Doofer' and it comes flat packed, and you put it together like I have shown in the image.  You then place it under your burger and voila!
I honestly got so excited over this haha!

I love anything lemon flavoured so thought I would opt for this lemonade instead of a fizzy drink.


I have a few more Dubai Food posts coming up InshaaAllah!
Hoping that they are maybe useful for any of you that are going to Dubai and don't know where to try.

I would love to know of any other food places in Dubai that any of you have tried out and liked.
Do let me know in the comments and InshaaAllah I will try them out next time!

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