Élan / Bridal Designers

I have a tumblr which is dedicated to all things bridal called 'Bridal Elegance'.
I had an amazing (yet stressful) time collating ideas for my own wedding and this led to me starting this tumblr.
I now just enjoy sharing inspiration I find and like.

Recently I had an email from a follower asking about a particular bridal dress.
Giving her the designers' name I also wrote out a list of designers who I thought she may like to have a look at.

So I thought it may be useful to do a series of posts on bridal designers for people who are looking to buy a designer outfit or just looking for inspiration.


Elegant, Timeless and Chic.

Run by creative director Khadijah Shad, Elan is stocked in exclusive outlets all over Pakistan and abroad.

The reason I personally love this designer brand is the intricacy of their embellishments and the quality of their outfits.
They also have a way of pleasing the traditional lover as well as keeping on trend.

As you can see in the above pictures they can do very traditional red/maroon outfits with heavy embellishment as well as something unique like the white floral embroidered gown.


  1. Beautiful dresses, they are exquisite! I especially love the first ones.


    Her Place at The Universe

    1. Me too! They are so nicely embellished! x

  2. Elan Bridals are simply gorgeous!!