Global Village Buys / Dubai

G L O B A L   V I L L A G E

I didn't get to buy as many things as I was hoping for, it was a little bit of an anti-climax shopping wise
(The potato spiral made up for that though!)
That being said I am lucky to have found these beauties!

S I L V E R   A N D   G R E E N    S T O N E   R I N G

I hunted around for so long to find a nice real silver ring this time at the Global Village, unfortnately it wasn't as easy as last year.

There just weren't that many nice jewellery stalls, most of them were ones that you do not even want to go near because they wont let you move on!

I don't remember what section I got this from but it was one of those that was full of fake jewellery.
I had to just keep on asking for real silver rings and he pulled this out.

I love the colour of the stone, I had got my little sister a similar ring last year but her stone is set a lot nicer MashaaAllah.

S E L F    P R I N T   B L A C K   H I J A B

This was from a random stall and after visiting Naif Souk I realised it is available there too.

I have something similar to this already (and it is a better quality material), however I thought I would get this to switch it up as I don't want to wear out that scarf and this pattern was very pretty!

They had a couple of different patterns but this one was my favourite out of the lot.
They quality is pretty standard, nothing special but I expected that as it was pretty cheap.

B L A C K   V E L V E T   A B A Y A

I have posted this abaya in a previous post, if you want to look at it in more detail check out the post:

I fell in love with this abaya as soon as I lay my eyes on it.
The stall was pretty small with one off pieces, however they have a website and ship worldwide.

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