Jumeirah Beach and Shakespeare & Co. Dessert / Dubai

After our lunch at Shakespeare & Co. we decided to walk to the beach which wasn't too far of a walk through the backstreets behind The Village Mall.
We chose to go around the time the sun was setting as that it isn't too busy and isn't too hot.
That way I could walk into the sea without being paranoid about my ankles and lower leg being seen!
I made a mistake wearing such a flowy and layered outfit as it was hard to handle and got wet easily.
At least I know not to make that mistake next time :)

Black Chiffon Maxi Dress with Side Split / H&M
Turquoise Maxi Skirt / Zara 
Green Stone Silver Ring / Global Village UAE

After a little rest on the beach (after hubby getting frustrated taking all my pics!)
We headed back to Shakespeare & Co. for dessert, we were too stuffed to eat anything else earlier after lunch!
We were getting a little chilly too so we both decided to get hot drinks and little pastries.
Hubby dove straight into his so didn't get a chance to take pictures of what he chose but here is what I had.

Cafe Mocha
I have had many Mocha's, this one was particularly really nice.

Coffee & Chocolate Heaven!
Coffee Mousse, moist chocolate sponge cake soaked in coffee cream on a bed of almond macaronade biscuit topped off with a mini chocolate macaroon.
I am craving this!

I did want to take a picture of the pastries they had on offer but I wasn't allowed :(
We went up and chose what we wanted and the waiter explained what each of them were which was nice.
We actually got to see what we were getting as opposed to picking it off a menu.

 Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent.


  1. I love the beach, sunset time is usually the best. I love your maxi dress

    1. Thank You hun! These pictures don't do it justice..looks like a big baggy dress haha x

  2. Beautiful pictures, and that ring is so beautiful!


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