Shakespeare & Co. Lunch / Dubai Food

Shakespeare & Co.  /  Jumeirah

Cafe-Restaurant, Patisserie, Chocolates and Catering.
They offer all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The Victorian decor truly makes this place unique as there is so much attention to detail.
Their furniture and fixtures are all made by their own in house design team, keeping the decor and ambience original.

I wish they had a franchise here in the UK (as I feel with nearly all the places to eat in the UAE).
It would be the perfect place for a tea party, bridal shower or baby shower.

We decided to spend some time at the beach on this day so we chose the Shakespeare & Co. nearest to Jumeirah beach.
This particular one was in The Village Mall, around 5 minutes walk away from the beach.
We got the bus down and had lunch before heading off to the beach as the sun was setting.
We then headed back for dessert but I thought I would put that into another post as there would be too many images!

Hubby .  Fresh Mango Juice
Me .  Minty Licious  /  Kiwi, Apple, Fresh Mint and Lemon Sorbet

Piri Piri Prawns with Cheesy Croquettes
Hubbys prawn obsession satisfied!

Spicy Chicken Salad
The dressing on this was so lovely!
Hubby doesn't do salad but he tried some of this and actually liked it.

I really would recommend visiting this place.
Hubby and I kept comparing our most enjoyed places to eat while we were on holiday and we both decided Shakespeare & Co was one of the best.
Quality food, relaxing ambience and amazing service.

Here is a preview for the next post..

Have you tried Shakespeare & Co.?
What would you recommend?

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  1. When I was in Abu Dhabi we walked past Shakespeare & Co, and for some reason we didn't eat there even though I thought it looked really cute. Now I wish we did eat there, Insha'Allah next time.

    1. Aww InshaaAllah you should definitely go next time!
      I didn't know of it the last time I went, I have a friends who are sisters and they go there quite often.
      I asked them for recommendations and she told me I would love this place, so glad I went! x
      Would be perfect for a girly day time out x

  2. I wish we had known about this place as we were staying on JBR! Looks so pretty mashallah. I've already told Mr. T we need to go back to Dubai inshallah as we both fell in love with it when we went for our honeymoon.

    1. Dubai is such a beautiful place MashaaAllah! I hope you and Mr T. do get to go again!

  3. That is such a beautiful place! And the food looks so good!


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