Skin Duo of the Moment

S K I N    D U O
of the moment

Alhamdulillah my skin isn't too bad break out wise, however I started getting a really dry and flakey area between my chin and cheek.

I have laser hair removal done on my face and have done for quite some time now which is probably what dries my skin out a little.

I have been using these two products lately which have improved the problem area and my skin in general so I thought it would sharing my thoughts on them.

Moisture Boosting Facial Serum

This is a  product that has been hyped up a lot on the web.

I started using this quite a while back after my sister told me how amazing it was and made me try hers.
I have normal to dry skin and sometimes it can get irritated and tight when I don't moisturise it well enough.

This miracle worker boosts the moisture that your moisturiser gives to your skin.
I honestly went without this for quite some time and really missed the wonders it did for my skin.

As I will mention in the description for my moisturiser, I don't feel that on its own the 'Epitheliale A.H' gives me that plumped hydrated feel however using this beforehand adds the nourishing feeling.

The only downside to this product is the price!
However Boots has offers on all year round so keep your eyes peeled.
Lucky for me I stocked up when they had money off selected skincare.

Skin Repair Cream for Damaged Skin.

I heard of this product in one of 'ThePersianbabe' s videos and her mini review made me want to try it out.

I was using 'Celestial' by Lush which is still nice to use but it was getting quite expensive for me.
I do wudu for prayer during the day so I had to keep re-applying my moisturiser as my skin gets super dry without it.

And the A Derma cream being £6.25 for 40ml is pretty cheap for what it is.

I don't feel this is super nourishing, as it doesn't leave my skin feeling as supple as it does with my Celestial.
However I can say it has got rid of that odd patch that was beginning to show even through my make up and Celestial wasn't geting rid of it.

The one downside to this product is the packaging, the hole in which the cream comes out of is really small. 
I am not sure if that is so you do not use too much but I like using a decent amount of cream on my face.
I personally prefer creams in tubs so I can see that I am using all of the product.
With this tube you have to put in so much effort to squeeze the last bit of the cream and I still think there is some in my last tube.


Both these items are repurchases and I would definitely recommend you trying them out if you are a similar skin type to me.
I hope my skin behaves with these as I am loving this combo!

What are your skin quenching favourites?


  1. Assalaamu alaikum. For tubes, cut the tube with scissors at the top (the bit u squeeze) so u can use whats left inside and use the bit u cut off as the lid until the creams completely finished :)

    1. Thanks for that tip! I will try it! ^_^ x