My most purchased & loved products from Lush.
(minus the celestial which I didn't buy this time round because I will be going away soon InshaaAllah and won't need such a heavy cream until I get back :) )

This is so calming on the skin, I love to use it just before I apply my moisturiser.
If my skin starts to feel tight and dry, a spritz of this is a pick me up for my skin.
I went without this for a little while and noticed the difference in my skin!
I even have hubby hooked onto it (not good for me as it runs out super quick now haha).

I will be honest, the smell didn't attract me at first.
However it has definitely grown on me.
It has been a while since I have used this as I have been trying to finish my other shampoos.
Here are three reason why I love Daddy-O

1. Lighter Hair
For some reason makes my hair a lighter brown and I have been asked multiple times if I have dyed my hair (never have).

2. Smell
It smells amazing for ages, I washed my hair with a different shampoo a day after I had used this and the smell still was over powering the other shampoo.

3. Healthy Hair
Wearing hijab and not getting much sunlight has taken a toll on my hair the past few years (not that it bothers me that much).  It has become more brittle and thinner but Alhamdulillah is in pretty decent condition.
I have started using a conditioner before I wash my hair with shampoo.
Than coupled with this shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy (MashaaAllah).

This product makes me  S O  happy!
The buttery caramel scent is divine and makes me feel warm inside.
It use to be a limited addition only available at christmas time, but now it is part of the main line.
I had gone a year without this and missed it so much.
I don't use this all the time, I switch between using a hydrating cream cleanser (with a warm towel) and this cleanser. I tend to use this in the mornings or the day I cannot be bothered with the extra effort.
The finely milled exfoliating texture feels like it is taking away the dead skin but not too harshly.
It leaves the skin feeling super supple, perfect quick exfoliating yet nourishing cleanser.
More about this product here.

What are your most loved Lush products?

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