Concealer Duo // M.A.C

Getting darker and darker eye circles is a huge problem for me, I have always had them and they are only getting worse.
These two wonders are possibly my most 'can't go without' products in my collection.
I use to only use select moisture cover alone, however it was getting to a point where it was not enough.
I now have this combination which works for me.

After warming up the product on my finger I apply this lightly on my dark circle area.
Ensuring that there is a thin but even layer by gently patting and dragging.
Because it is a thick consistency, I feel using my fingers works best as the product is warming up and melting onto the skin.

I dot this on top of the other concealer and blend out with my Real Techniques Setting Brush, making sure that it blends out and looks seamless on top of my foundation.
As I do not wear a mac foundation it is not an exact match to the foundation colour, however by blending it well enough it makes my under eye look brighter.

I came across this technique in this video by gossmakeupartist on youtube:

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