Nipple Balm for Lips.

I heard about this lip balm a while back on Mouldy Fruit's blog in this post HERE.
I am a sucker for lip balms and my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream had finished and I had to choose between this and 'Reve De Miel'.

It was my first time shopping it Space.NK and I must say I was really impressed.
It is a store that makes you feel special and not so pressured as you feel in a few other stores.
Very helpful staff and they don't hover!

I asked the lady which she would recommend out of the two and she asked me how dry my lips were.
I told her they were pretty dry and she said she has the same problem and her sore dry lips went in a few days after using this nipple balm for lips.

It is quite a thick gooey consistency which lasts ages on the lips.
I put it on just before bed time so it can sink into my lips while I sleep.

Their isn't much of a scent, after a few uses you can smell a scent but it isn't over powering.

What I love about it is that it is natural with no harmful chemicals.
If it works well for cracking nipples, it must be amazing for your sore lips!

Only negative is the price you pay for the size; however you only need less than a pea size when using on your lips.

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