Bourjois Bronzing Powder + Highlighter / Mini Review


I have always wanted to try Bourjois' bronzer powder but never felt the need as I have others that I really like.
So when I saw this new release which housed the bronzer and a highlighter I felt I should give it a go.
I have a liquid highlighter that I love, but have missed using a powder and thought it was worth testing this out before I splurged on an expensive alternative.

I do quite like it but I prefer contouring my face and this wasn't a good contour.
However, it is good for warming up the complexion and also lovely on the eyes on its own.
There is a slight sparkle when you see it in the pan however it doesn't apply shimmery at all.

This has a beautiful iridescence to it which doesn't seem to show in the image.
It is a little powdery for my liking, it doesn't seem to glow as much as other highlighters and has a hint of sparkle.
It may take a little getting use to but I am not a great fan of it at the moment.

The scent of this mini duo is really lovely, it smells of palmers cocoa butter.
The packaging is ok, handy as it has a bronzer with a highlighter but the cardboard feel doesn't feel very special.

Overall I wasn't amazed.
I won't be using it alone, but maybe paired with other products I may be able to make them work for me.

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