Great Women of Islam // Books

Who Were Given the News of Paradise


I have a very small collection of books, I'm not much of a reader however I do try.
I am hoping to do some mini book reviews on books that I would recommend, this being one of them.

This book is a collection of short inspiring biographies of the women of our religion that were given the news of paradise, 'Mothers of the Believers' and 'Women Companions' RadiAllahu Anhuma.

I found it really empowering to read how amazing these women were, as I had not heard of many of them before.

It really made me self reflect.

We each have skills which we can use to benefit ourselves and others but our focus and priority should be on pleasing Allah and that is in regards to anything we do.

The way women are talked about in this book and the way in which they are praised really warmed my heart.
The book is full of role models, these women of Islam should be the women that we look up to and aim to be like.

For those of you who can't commit to reading something straight through, this book is split into small chapters.  Each section covers a different female figure, which makes it easy to flick through.

Each chapter also begins with a quote or hadith from our Prophet ﷺ mentioning the woman who the chapter is about before giving a brief history of their life.

It is a great book to buy someone as a present and one I think every household should have.
We have many books mentioning the mothers of the believers, but this also talks about the women companions.

There are also many books out there that are always talking about how women should be and their roles.
However this book is gives us examples of women we should admire and be likened to, rather than simply pointing out what we should and shouldn't be doing.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you have any good book recommendations for me?

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