H&M Basics // Rounded Hem


I bought this top after seeing it on my younger sister.
I have decided to start dressing nicer at home and not be in my pjs all day.
Being a housewife I had stopped making the effort to dress nice at home, loose pants and jumpers became my thing.
I also put on some weight (which I am trying to lose!) so I was slowly not looking as good in some of the clothes that were figure hugging.
I decided I needed to make an effort and have since been wearing nicer tops with leggings.
It definitely made me feel better about myself and less lazy.
I wanted super comfortable yet figure flattering clothes that made me feel good.


The rounded hem is really flattering and makes it wearable with leggings (I am pretty short so it looks ok).
It doesn't stick to you yet falls in a way that it looks good, odd way to describe it but you will get what I mean if you try it for yourself.
The longer than normal short sleeves hide my chubbier batwings (hides face).
Oh and I have worn it out with a maxi skirt, pretty useful top to have!
They have more colours which I am hoping to pick up soon.

Here is a long sleeved version of the same top, definitely picking this up when I am in H&M next.