Hydraluron Moisture Jelly // Skin Wonder

I previously used Hudraluron in its serum form (review here) and loved it, so I knew I had to try the moisture jelly form when it hit the stores.

Boots at the time had many offers on and I managed to pick it up for a fraction of the price.
After using it and loving it I went back and got another one as I didn't want to pay the full price when it ran out.

I have dryish skin and as I wash my face multiple times a day when doing wudoo, I have to keep it well moisturised.
Lately Alhamdulillah I feel my skin has really improved.
I think that is partly due to me cutting out juices and fizzys and drinking only water, but I think the products I have been using have helped too.

My favourite combination day and night after cleansing is using:

Spritzed directly on the face

The tiniest pea size amount

Aside from the fact that it this helps my skin feel super supple and soft, I LOVE the packaging.
It's different to anything else on my vanity and it makes it so much easier to use a tiny amount.
You take off the cap, press down the white disc and out comes the perfect amount of product for you to swipe off.

I feel it is much better than the original hydraluron serum, I haven't touched my nearly full tube since I have bought this little wonder.

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