& Other Stories Home Scents // Candles

I have been wishing for this to happen and it finally has!
I just got an email through from & Other Stories showing their new home fragrance candle range.

I love the scents of & Other Stories Bath and Body products and I have always thought it would be amazing if they did candles with those scents.
However, the descriptions of the candles in this new range sound like really unique scents.


7:e våningen // STOCKHOLM ATELIER

named after the 7th floor in our Stockholm Atelier, where our graphic elements come to life.  
With layers of lingering wood, dark suede, dry papyrus and delicious raspberries, our 7th floor is filled with a smooth yet strong essence.


named after our photo studio in the Stockholm Atelier, where stories and people are immortalised.
Hints of bergamot and a heart of fig trees are rounded off with soft coconut and familiar wood, inviting you to discover a glimpse of our Stockholm Atelier.

named after the garden courtyard in our Paris store. 
Captivating white frangipani and sheer gardenia unveil the scent of the garden, revealing hopes of sandalwood and dreams of cardamom.

named after the district that is home to our Paris Atelier, and a constant source of inspiration. 
Close your eyes and let the unforgettable air of rose petals bring you to our Paris Atelier, falling in love with its marble staircase heart all over again.

I'm not sure when I will get to try these out but I can't wait!
I will be sure to do another haul soon as I have run out of my body scrub stash.

[All photographs + candle descriptions are from &Other Stories website.]


  1. If you come to London again during the week days, let me know! I work near Oxford Street.

    1. Aww I will do doll!
      Although highly unlikely I will get a chance to anytime soon :(
      Hope you're well Xx