Kalamazoo // Lush Beard + Facial Wash

I saw this product by chance when I popped in to get my usual moisturiser from Lush 
and thought it would be good for the hubby to try.

It is a new product specifically for use on the beard, keeping the hair clean and healthy as well as
soothing the skin underneath.

Hubby has pretty sensitive skin, he has been using baby shampoo to wash his beard and 
after washing it he pats it dry and runs Jojoba oil through it.

It has been working well for him but I know I like trying out new products so thought it would be nice for him 
to try out something different.
+ it smells amazing.. so I wanted him to use it :P

He has used it a few times and really likes it.. the only thing he has complained about was the packaging 
and how faffy it is to use in the shower.

That being said, the packaging works in my favour as I can use the pot when I am collecting 5 empty ones 
to get myself a free fresh face mask!


  1. This caught my attention in Lush yesterday when I went to stock up on Christmas goodies (yog nog soap is beautiful, do try!) I was just waiting for a review :D will definitely have to get the other half to try this! Thank you ♡

    1. Aww hope it works for him!
      I will definitely go and smell the yog nog!