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My sister sent these lip lovelies over for me from America.
I spent ages trying to pick what I wanted from Sephora, which included long google searches of swatches and new products.
I do have a 'Beauty' folder on my Keep (which I add to whenever I see something I want to but) but I wanted to find something new to try that wasn't available here in the UK.
Here is what I chose, I hope my swatches help those of you looking to get any of these products.

It is what it says, a lip foundation.
There are different shades available in this and I ended up picking one that was a pretty close shade to my skin tone.
I would recommend getting a shade that is a little deeper than your skin tone if you are looking to use it on its own just as a lip colour.

The shade I chose makes me look a little washed out, however there are multiple ways for me to use it...

Here they are:

+ As a base to mute the lips to bring out the colour of the lip product applied on top

+ With a lipliner blended in slightly to give a nude lip

+ Mixed with other lip colours

+ To add dimension to the lip for a fuller pout; 
Use a dark colour all over the lip and apply this lip foundation to the centre of the lip and blend.

The texture is really creamy with a look that isn't shiny or completely matte.
I wish it was readily available for me in the UK so I could buy the deeper shades!

A very 'liquidy' matte liquid lipstick but I wouldn't say 'Everlasting'.

This goes on the lips like liquid which makes it a little tricky to work with.  You need to have a steady hand to get neat edges but after about a minute it dries to a dry matte texture.
The lasting power is good, however I noticed around the centre most inner part of the lip it started fading after I had eaten/had something to drink.
It needs to be re-applied but it doesn't go horrible and crumbly like some matte products do when needing to re-apply.

I will say it isn't the most comfortable lip product as it is a little drying, that being said I do love how it looks on the lips.

+ I am really happy I chose this colour, I love me a dusty rose lip!


LOLITA / Kat Von D

Do you have any Sephora recommendations for me to keep in mind for next time?

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