They're Real Push Up Liner // Mini Review


There was a huge hype about this product when it launched and it was followed with a lot of mixed reviews.
I did want to try it out but I didn't want to go out and pay full price just to try it.

Luckily for me there was a promotion on at Benefit counters a few weeks back where you could trade in any eye liner for a mini Push Up Liner.

It has taken me aaages to test it out as when I have been wearing make up I haven't been in the mood to try out something that I may have to faff around with for longer.

I finally did test it out and...
I really don't like it!
Here are the - and + points...

When you go on to draw your liner, a ball of liner remains on your eyelid which you can't do much with.  It is no where near as easy as applying gel liner with a brush.

It doesn't glide on well, you have to drag it along you eyelid so it doesn't give you a smooth application.

The only thing that was good about it is how black it is, it is a good consistency I just think the packaging is flawed.
I always have to warm up my gel liner before I apply it but this packaging doesn't allow for that step.

I am so glad I didn't waste money on buying this product.
I loved the concept but it isn't something that I feel makes gel liner application easier.
I think I will give this mini to my younger sister who doesn't mind it, she uses it to apply eyeliner to the outer edge of her eye into a slight flick.

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