I have been looking for a decent hand cream that doesn't leave your hands feeling tacky.
I am getting a little paranoid that my hands are looking 'older' and that I should really start taking care
of them sooner rather than later.
I saw Marie Claire doing a hand cream freebie in their November issue so decided it was worth giving it a go.
I opted for the 'Dry Skin Shea Butter but they also had 'Vanilla Bouquet, Delightful Rose + Zesty Lime'.

It is a perfect size for my handbag, it has a feminine 'perfume-y' scent which isn't too over powering.
It doesn't leave a film of greasy-ness on my hands so I love it!

Inside the magazine you have the chance to get a 'Hugs & Kisses Hand Cream and Lip balm' gift set
with any purchase at any L'OCCITANE boutique or online.
Offer is valid until 5th Novemeber.

There is also a sachet of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion inside the magazine which would be
handy to keep for when your are travelling.

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