Reve De Miel // NUXE Lip Balm

I have collected quite a few lip balms lately and this most recent purchase is my favourite yet.
A lot of Bloggers/Youtubers I follow have raved about this so I thought it would be worth trying.
You can buy it online but I picked mine up from SPACE.NK for £9.50.


Does what a lip balms should do...keeping the lips hydrated.
It is a thick consistency which I personally love,
I use it before applying make up but also at night before bed.

The texture isn't too sticky or shiny which makes it perfect to apply
before using any lip products, especially drying matt lip products.

It fills out the lines that I get in my lips when they are dry and leaves them feeling hydrated and  plump.

I like that the scent isn't overpowering.
It took me a while to recognise the scent because it smelt so familiar!
It smells of  Jacobs chocolate orange Club bar (if you don't know what this is link HERE).


The packaging is a glass pot with a plastic lid.
It is the only thing I don't like about the product as I find pots a little unhygienic.
That being said, with the consistency of the balm being thick, I don't see how they could have packaged it any differently.

At the moment they have special edition packaging for their 20th Anniversary 
with coloured lids in Yellow, Green and Pink.

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