Vanilla Creme Candle // Homesense

Richly Scented Candle

HOMESENSE  is a shop in which I can easily spend a ridiculous amount of time in, especially down the candle aisle.

There are so many different candles that you can become overwhelmed but the beautiful minimal design in black, gold and silver of this candle stood out against the rest.

I won't be able to throw away the packaging once the candle has finished, it is way too pretty.

The scent smells more of sweet popcorn than vanilla. In particular my sister in laws both said it
smells like the popcorn scented gel pens they use to have when they were younger.

I can't seem to find where this candle is available online, however I did find the designer of the candles' packaging!

There were two other candles which were featured on his website, gosh I wish I could have them all!

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  1. Hello, if you have a Marshall's or Home Goods in your area, you have a decent chance of finding this candle and the other two featuring this packaging...they are Decoware candles, and both stores carry the brand in large quantities. Just hit or miss at these giant retailers, but I saw two the other day and picked up the Frosted Oak(incredible, but is best with a chill in the air). I worked at an independent candle shop for a couple years, so certainly not trying to move business away from them, mine for $7.99. Decoware is the best bargain in candles, hands down, just wish they'd get a website together.