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A stop off for a few days in Dubai after our long trip in Saudi and Pakistan called for a huge candle stock up!
This time I got more than I have done in the past as I have been burning candles much more frequently.

I did want a few fresh scents which have been available the last few times I have visited Dubai, but as the season 
was winter this time round, those scents weren't available.

That being said, I am really happy with all the scents I picked up!
Majority of them are quite masculine/cologne types of scents which I love.

'The luxurious scents of fine woods - mahogany, cedar wood and oak are 
enlightened by the delicate lavender and geranium notes.'

This is one of those scents which I would forever re-buy from Bath & Body Works, 
it is by far one of my favourites.
It is heavily cologne scented, but not the really strong older men scents, more like a more modern sexy cologne smell.
I love to light this candle in my bedroom but it really is one of those you could pop anywhere.
I would have bought multiple of these if they hadn't been sold out on my first trip into the shop.
Unfortunately I had so many candles that I couldn't bring anymore due to weight allowance.

It has a classic White Barn packaging design which I like.
Even though it does have an image on it, it is one that works well and isn't too bold.
As it is all neutral toned with gold, cream and grey, it would look elegant in any room.

'An aromatic woodsy blend, highlighted by bright bergamot, 
fresh lavender and deep green cypress.'

To me this candle has a more citrus scent than woodsy.
I would describe it as a masculine citrus which would be perfect in hubby's office, a study or a dark
cosy autumn/winter living room.

The packaging is my favourite style so far, very simple and all typography.
The all brown glass makes it look bold and modern but the simple text gives it an old school twist.

(This candle didn't come with a lid, however as I had bought quite a few candles I asked for the lid
so they would be easy to travel with.)

'Aromatic bergamot grown in the warm and sunny Calabria region 
of Italy provided the inspiration for this elegant citrus blend 
layered with lavender and geranium.'

Personally this is my least favourite as it reminds me of a candle I bought in the past 
called 'Paris Amour'.  What I didn't like about that candle was that it had this odd milky 
smell which wasn't my cup of tea.
That being said I think the scent is a mix of Paris Amour and Bergamot Woods.
Slightly woodsy but also milky with a hint of citrus.
It was the only one I picked up that was on sale, so I am guessing it was a seasonal scent.

The packaging looks very modern - the baroque window/door image layered with a bold sans serif font in white.
The neutral tones again makes it a candle that you place anywhere in the home/office and it would look lovely.

'A graceful blend of rare Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear & 
mimosa petals with notes of musk and cedar wood.'

A cosy floral scent is how I would describe this scent, refreshing yet calming.
I either go for super fresh (e.g. spring, bamboo) or cologne like scents and this one is completely different to those.
I don't tend to go for florals as they tend to smell a little too old fashioned for my liking if that makes sense at all.
However this is a bit of a mix and I'm happy I picked it up as a lot of the scents I picked up are similar'ish'.

Like the Bergamot Woods candle which is from the same range, I love this packaging.
Very simple, no image and all typography.
The all dark red glass makes it look bold and modern but the simple text gives it an old school twist.

(This candle didn't come with a lid, however as I had bought quite a few candles I asked for the lid
so they would be easy to travel with.)

'A timeless blend of lavender & creamy vanilla with touches of 
cedar wood, delicate jasmine and citrus.'

Personally I am not a fan of Vanilla scented products as they tend to be too sweet for me.
However with the lavender (which I'm not too keen on alone either) 
it makes the perfect combination.
I bought two of these as I find this scent really calming in the bedroom and cannot seem to find anything similar.
I would say it is the perfect autumn/winter bedroom scent, however I use it all year round.

The classic White Barn packaging design is one I like, but I really like candles without
images as it looks much more modern yet classy. 
It is again all neutral toned with gold, cream and lilac which would make it look good in any room.

'A fragrance inspired by an opulent and rare black pearl from a 
distant ocean, a beautiful combination of exotic sandalwood, 
lush suede and jet black spices.'

I had to sniff this a fair few times to be able to think of what it smells like.
And all I could think of was the scent of a metro-sexual mans walk in wardrobe! haha
The scent smells like the refreshing ocean scents but with mens cologne, it is like the perfect combination!
This would be perfect for hubby's office/study or even the living room (but I will be having it in my room 
because I love the scent!)

The packaging is really very luxurious with the bottle blue glass and gold printed pattern.
The lid is also golden with an embossed print.


I definitely recommend Bath & Body Works candles:

They last for ages.

The scents are strong enough that you can blow them out after a little while and the scent will linger.

They burn clean, leaving no annoying edges where the candle is wasted.

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