Vanilla Bouquet // L'Occitane

I have been away on holiday which means I have missed the entire Xmas/Boxing day period.
That being said this gift set is still available to buy and would make a lovely gift to women 
of all ages no matter what the occasion.

I did a review on a L'Occitane hand cream I got free in THIS post.
Which pretty much sums up how much I have fallen in love with them.
This one has a really subtle floral scent, allowing your hands to smell nice without the 
scent being too over powering.

The texture of this lip balm is a very nourishing, shiny and not sticky at all.
I wouldn't recommend using it under lip products but perfect for normal day to day use of a lip balm.
I was impressed with everything about it aside from the scent.
With it being vanilla 'bouquet' it had a hint of floral which I didn't like.
On my lips I prefer sweeter and less overpowering scents.
I most probably will pass the lip balm on to a friend that wouldn't mind the scent.

However L'Occitane have a variety of scents in both lip balms and hand creams so I will be checking
them out next time I am in their store.

What are your favourite L'Occitane scents?

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