Roller Lashes // Benefit + Elle

Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

I have a review coming up of the Charlotte Tilbury mascara which I made the mistake of buying recently instead of my usual 'They're Real' favourite by Benefit.
+ a sample size in a magazine that costs £4.00 is a bargain!

The launch of the Roller Lash mascara is not until the 12/02/15.

I felt this was a good way for Benefit fans to get a feel for the product before it is available to buy.

Close up of the 'Hook'n'Roll' brush which has plastic bristles like the They're Real mascara which worked well for me.

The hook style of the brush is designed and positioned to catch, lift and curl the lashes.

Here is what the mascara looks like on my lashes after curling both right and left with my primark eye lash curlers.


I am in love with the results!

The look it gives is not as dramatic as 'They're Real', instead this mascara emphasises the curl, hence 'Roller' in the name.
The way it curls the lashes opens up the eyes and makes them appear longer.
 I have big eyes but straight and thin lashes so applying this definitely makes them pop, making me look more awake.
There is also no clumping at all and I think that is due to the design of the brush which separates the lashes well.

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