Scrub Down // & Other Stories

I have been waiting to restock up on these for a while, and my skin has really missed them.
I haven't been able to find any better scrubs than these.

They exfoliate really well and at the same time once mixed with a little water they lather up into a creamy body wash.

Here are my mini reviews on the scents I chose...

"Scattered cherry blossom petals after the rain..."

The scents used in this scrub:
Blood orange, cherry and orange blossoms with vanilla and sandalwood.

This was the first ever scrub I bought which made me fall in love with these scrubs.
I think this scent would be an all rounder that would appeal to the older and the younger.
It is a refreshing floral and I will forever re-buy this!

"Deep earthy Oud with a twist of citrus..."

Fresh lemon, ginger with woody depth of moss and amber.

This is a scent I haven't tried before and I think this will become a firm favourite.
The scent reminded me of something and I asked hubby who pointed out it smelt like his 
Mukhallat Oud with a hint of lemon.
This particular Oud of hubbys' and lemons are both favourite scents of mine!

"Frothy vanilla soda on a rebellious rose bouquet..."

Tiger orchid, lotus flower, nutty almond and sweet tonka beans with tree moss and tangerine.

How much I liked this scent surprised me the first time I used it, it is sweet and I don't like sweet!
It has an edge of sophistication that I like but I can't quite put my finger on what it is that it reminds me of.
Even if you are not into sweet smells, give this a try... I ended up getting two of these.

At £7.00 a pop they are worth the money, however it is just the shipping that puts me off buying online!

Please open a store here in Manchester!

A big thank you to my friend for buying me these as a surprise when I got back from my trip away with the family :)


  1. Whenever I go into that store I get sensory overload, so have to admire all the products on your blog lol.

    1. Aww bless! haha
      I wish I could pop their all the time! I have to make do with online shopping!
      They have free shipping on atm, so I have just made another order! *hides face*