Lately I have been loving Zara, it has become my favourite place to shop.
I decided to treat myself to three pieces which I know I will wear all year round.
I haven't had a chance to get together outfit looks with them on, hopefully I will get round to do them soon.
That being said, I wanted to share what I bought with you before they went out of stock.


Lightweight is ideal for the summer/holiday wear.

I would pair this with my high waisted maxi shirt and long black shirt or the 
blazer I have mentioned below.

This would also be really nice to layer over a simple closed front abaya to add a little depth to the look.

Colour can still be worn in autumn/winter, layered with a leather jacket.


Perfect to wear open as well as closed.

I would pair with my wide leg black pants/maxi skirt.

Lightweight is ideal for the summer/holiday wear.

Deep colour can still be worn in autumn/winter, layered.

On Sale // Now £34.99

I have been looking for the perfect light weight jacket/blazer to wear with more formal outfits instead
of my leather jacket which I wear all the time.

The uneven hem is a style that I find flattering, as it flows with an outfit and doesn't look 'blocky'.

It isn't super lightweight but it ideal for evenings out.

Could be worn with pretty much any outfit as black goes lovely with pretty much everything.

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